1 Month After Wearing Tom Sachs General Purpose Shoes - 1 Month After Wearing Tom Sachs General Purpose Shoes

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Tom Sachs GPS vs Nike KillShot 2 Leather
Tom Sachs GPS Killshot 2
Outsole added Rubber standard
Outsole Herrinngbone traction Sqquare lug traction
Midsole Gum Rubber thickness shifts
Gum Rubber thickness smaller drop
Nike Swoosh Fused swoosh Leather swoosh
Pull Tabs Blue nylon herringbone straps No pull tabs
Fused toebox Added over toebox none
Lace panel added wing around top lace standard
Laces thinner standard
Tongue dual perferation fused trim standard nylon with trim
heel padding added padding strip standard
footbed Liner more plush, not removable standard
Fit TTS but with heel slip Narrow and snug, go up .5
lace holes larger standard
Heel logo panel Debossed Nike logo painted on Nike logo
Heel logo panel sewn under heel sewn over heel
collar felt like liner, raw edge standard mesh
side panel durable knited upper material leather
side panel Added suede strip no added suede strip
Shoe Hieght taller heel cup
Shoe width wider toebox and heel standard
Gum Rubber Midsole
suede toe cap
suede heel cup
suede lace panel
back tab placement
3 sew lines on side panels
overall shape
swoosh location
lace panel sewing placement
Both pretty boring

Fine line between Designer and Basic.
Similarities to the Killshot is very obvious, I will get a pair of Killshots and compare in a different video however!
Took 10 years to create
Who is Tom Sachs? An american Contemporary Artist
The Mars Yard sneakers were not actually built for space, but an art exhibit?
Casey Neistat and his brother worked with Tom Sachs and people thing Casey ripped off his style and made it mainstream.
This is Tom Sachs 4th sneaker with NikeCraft:
NikeCraft Mars Yard
NikeCraft Mars Yard 2.0
NikeCraft Overshoe
do you want an “after wearing General Purpose Shoe” videon after 1 month?
NikeCraft Announces an “Ordinary Shoe for Extraordinary People”
The NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe (GPS) is an understated do-everything shoe created to work with every possible scenario.
The NikeCraft GPS represents 10 years of partnership between Nike and Tom Sachs, a collaboration that creates new perspectives on serving the future of athletes and sport.
NikeCraft products are designed and constructed to support all the activities of your life and tell your story.
The NikeCraft GPS is a reminder that there is value in creating connection with the things you own — it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.
If the Mars Yard—Nike and Tom Sachs’ introduction to the NikeCraft concept—was designed for space-going scientists, its kin, the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe (GPS), finds its footing in the everyday. Both, of course, build on the base idea of sneaker as daily tool and are created with the same unwavering attention to detail.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

“I got involved with Nike in the beginning because we wanted to make a sculpture that everyone could wear. It’s a tool for everyday life; it’s democratic,” says Sachs.

The GPS’ shape is distinct, thanks to a slightly perky upturned toe, but not too distinct. Its build — with a three-piece molded cup sole, signature donning straps, microfiber collar and ultra-breathable knit — packs a value punch. “It took a decade to make a shoe this simple, as simple as can be and no simpler. NikeCraft shuns innovation for its own sake, but embraces it as a necessity,” adds Sachs.

The GPS’ engineering and materials are chosen to provide comfort, support and a high degree of tactile sensation in a well-priced product.

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