30 eBay Sneaker Gold Air Jordan 7 Citrus Restoration - $30 eBay Sneaker Gold - Air Jordan 7 Citrus Restoration

It’s always good when you can find sneaker gold on eBay, like these Air Jordan 7 Citrus. For only $30 dollar this isn’t a bad investment if you have the power of Reshoevn8r. Vick Almighty works his magic to bring these babies back to life. Vick does this by using Reshoevn8r’s 4 oz-3 Brush kit and Reshoevn8r’s Almighty Mink Oil. He also gives these a proper repaint as the paint was cracked and chipping. Let us know in the comment section what you think about how these came out. As always all of the Reshoevn8r products featured in this video and so much more can be found at www.Reshoevn8r.com
Reshoevn8r products used in this video:
• 4oz-3 Brush Kit: https://goo.gl/r4CDOW
• Collapsible Cleaning Bowl: https://goo.gl/BEkSwd
• Adjustable Shoe Trees: https://goo.gl/tVzeuv
• Almighty Mink Oil: https://goo.gl/gUPWtM

The other products Vick uses:
• Scotch Masking Tape: https://goo.gl/GyNgEk
• Vick’s Heat Gun: https://goo.gl/zcJoQG
• Krylon Matte Finisher: https://goo.gl/F26hqb
• Salon Care 40: https://goo.gl/KUhbxU
•Vick’s UV Light: https://goo.gl/E8L1vP
Make sure to use promo code “Almighty” to save 10% off your next Reshoevn8r purchase.
To win this weeks giveaway and have a chance to win an 8oz bottle of our Advanced Sneaker Solution and all four bushes (soft, medium, stiff and brass). Leave a comment on last Thursdays cleaning video (https://youtu.be/P37IMJyMYjM) and list all the items, in order, that Jonny got thrown at him instead of a Laundry Bag.

The winner of last weeks giveaway and a Reshoevn8r 4oz-3 Brush Kit is James Moore. James, we responded to your winning comment on what is the next step you need to do to receive your prize. Thanks to all that enter.
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