air jordan 29 photo reel 02 - Air Jordan 29 "Photo Reel"

air jordan 29 photo reel 02 - Air Jordan 29 "Photo Reel"

As of Feb. 9, 2015, the Jordan Brand was in a legitimate disagreement regarding the genuine starting points of the Jumpman logo with picture photog, Jacobus Rentmeester, yet that hasn’t ceased the brand from delivering this new Air Jordan 29 “Photo Reel”. The shoe takes the genuine photo Rentmeester insists was stolen and embeds it onto the shadow of championed sewing innovation. Including the sun-set angle out of sight as the base, Jordan flies through the sky in his unique jumpsuit while the dark elephant printed padded sole cuts off the Chicago horizon found in the photo.

58416d95a74274746e90296c2eb1f788 - Air Jordan 29 "Photo Reel"

maxresdefault - Air Jordan 29 "Photo Reel"

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