Can You Clean Suede New Balance 247s - Can You Clean Suede New Balance 247's?

What happens when you clean Suede New Balance 247? Well, let’s just say not all suedes are created equally. We took these down to Rocky Point on our recent company trip and trashed them so we could show you how they would clean up. While the shoes did clean up the texture of the suede was gone. This happens sometimes when company’s don’t use a high-quality suede on their shoes. With that being said we recommend if you are going to clean a pair of these to NOT throw these in the washer and instead use the quick clean method. When cleaning the uppers make sure NOT TO SATURATE THE MATERIAL. As always all the products featured in this video can be found at
Reshoevn8r products used in this video:
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• Adjustable Shoe Trees:
• Almighty Mink Oil:
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