Fixing Jordan Brands Mistake Part 2 Eminem Encore 5 Custom - Fixing Jordan Brands Mistake Part 2- Eminem Encore 5 Custom

After correcting the red suede Jordan 5s we got a lot of requests to do something about to the Blue Suede Jordan 5’s. So Vick Almighty decided to do something special and make a custom pair of Air Jordan 5 Eminem Encores. This was achieved by repainting the midsole, the outsole, and the plastic eyelets. Also, Vick added the Eminem “E” to the side of the shoe and swapped for some red laces. Lastly, to protect the shoes, Vick added a pair of Sole Shields and sprayed the shoes with some Water+Stain Repellent. As always all of the Reshoevn8r products featured in this video and so much more can be found at
Reshoevn8r products used in this video:
• Reshoevn8r Sole Shields:
• Adjustable Shoe Trees:
• Reshoevn8r Water+Stain Repellent:

The other products Vick uses:
• Scotch Masking Tape:
• Vick’s Heat Gun:
• Krylon Matte Finisher:
• Krylon Crystal Clear:
•Anglus 2-Thin:
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