How To Clean Air Jordan 1 Chicago - How To Clean Air Jordan 1 Chicago

Everybody needs to own a pair of Air Jordan 1s. That also means that everyone should know how to clean Air Jordan 1s. Today Megell is back to show you how to clean his favorite shoe ever, the Air Jordan 1 Chicago.

Keep in mind that the methods used to clean the Chicago 1s will apply just as well to any pair of leather Jordan 1s that you own…yes, even Jordan 1 Mids.

For today’s cleaning our product of choice is the Deep Clean Signature Bundle The Deep Clean Signature Bundle gives you the ability to clean your shoes with the brushes and wash them in the washing machine with the Laundry System. We’ll be taking advantage of both of these cleaning methods to get the Chicago Jordan 1 looking right.

Megell started off this cleaning with a quick dry brush of the sneaker to get rid of any loose dirt and debris. Then he went straight into cleaning the plush leather upper of the Chicago 1 with the Soft Bristle Brush and Solution. For deeper stains on the midsole Megell used the Medium Brush, and finished the preliminary cleaning by scrubbing the outsole with the Stiff Brush.

After treating the Jordan 1s with Solution, everything but the tongue is looking clean. In order to flush out the tongue and make it white again Megell put the shoes into the washing machine with a Sneaker Laundry Pod.

This step is key for cleaning dingy tongues, it’s the only way to flush out the locked-in stains and dirt from that area of the shoe.

Now that the Chicago 1s are out of the wash, they’re looking like the GOAT once again.

All that’s left is to lace ‘em and then rock ‘em!

What’s your all-time favorite Jordan 1? Are the Chicago 1s the GOAT, or is there another colorway that you’re a big fan of? Let us know in the comments!

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