How to Clean Nike Air Max 270 - How to Clean Nike Air Max 270

These Dusty Cactus Air Max 270s live up to their name and are covered in dust and stains. Jonny Bubbles puts Reshoevn8r’s 3 Brush Sneaker Laundry System to the test, to make these Air Max uppers white again. In 1987, the Air Max line came to be and created a revolutionary shoe with visible air in the sole. Since then Air Max sneakers have become a staple in streetwear style and as an athletic shoe, the 270 is no different with the largest heel bag yet. Jonny first tackled the dusty flyknit with Reshoevn8r’s Soft Bristle Brush, this brush is most suited for the delicate materials such as knit. To remove some of the more stubborn stains, Jonny went back and gently scrubbed with the All Purpose Brush, until he was sure that the rougher bristles wouldn’t fray the material. Then, using the All Purpose Brush and Stiff Brush Jonny finished pretreating the midsole and sole. Finally, to get the stubborn stains out, the Air Max 270s went into the washer with our Sneaker Laundry Detergent. Remember you can shop all the products we used in the video at Also, comment below your first Nike Air Max!
Reshoevn8r products used in this video:
• 3 Brush Sneaker Laundry Kit:
• Sneaker Laundry Detergent:
• Collapsible Cleaning Bowl:
• Micro Fiber Towel:
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