How To Clean Shoes Air Jordan OVO 8 - How To Clean Shoes - Air Jordan OVO 8

Rob’s back like he never left to show you how to clean the OVO Air Jordan 8. Yes, you just saw us clean the OVO Jordan 12…so now it’s time to give the OVO 8 some love. It’s arguably one of the more underrated Drake x Jumpman collaborations.

Because this shoe is primarily leather, we used the RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit to give it a proper deep clean inside and out. If you own this shoe or any other white leather Jordan sneaker, the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit is a MUST COP.

Rob started with the Soft Bristle Brush to remove any surface dirt and debris, and then used the Medium Bristle Brush to scrub the midsole. He finished off the preliminary cleaning with the Stiff Bristle Brush on the outsole.

But we’re not done there. The tongue and sock liner are still really dingy. Luckily the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit also comes with a Sneaker Laundry Bag so that you can wash your sneakers in the washing machine.

After not one, but two trips through the washing machine the OVO Air Jordan 8 is looking mighty fine once again. That’s what we love about the Laundry System; if you don’t like the results at first, you can always wash the shoes a second time to give your shoes a deeper clean.

Are you a fan of the OVO Air Jordan 8? Where does it rank amongst the other OVO Air Jordans? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below.

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