Nike Vapor Street Flyknit w REACT Review Compared to Epic REACT Zm VaporFly 4 - 'Nike Vapor Street Flyknit' w/ REACT Review: Compared to Epic REACT & Zm VaporFly 4%

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The most confusing Nike to ever release (to me at least)..
Nike Vapor Street had a release today! It may be single handedly the most confusing sneaker to ever release… you ready for this?

So the Nike Vapor Street is a new sneaker that released 2/23 however it may resemble something you already are aware of, the Nike Zoom VaporFly Elite model after the

3 Marathon runners unreleased shoe. I was so excited because they had Zoom X… but wait… the Vapor Street doesn’t contain Zoom X? Early reports said it was lunarlon, which is what the knockdown model of Zoom Fly had in it. But now we know it is actually React, the latest cushioning from Nike.

So as a consumer, I am very confused, which model has what?

What constitutes putting a “Zoom” in the shoe? History would show that the shoe actually featured… ZOOM Air cushioning.

What Constitutes a “Vapor” in the shoe? We have 2 different technologies that feature “Vapor” in 3 different shoes.

Why not the “Vapor React” or the ZoomX Elite? Or the Nike VaporFly w zoom X?

It would be more identifiable if they company labeled the tech better on the site either with the name or on the box maybe?

james: wanting to know if you have any info on the technology in the Nike Vapor Street Flyknit
james: like I know it is Nike React
james: but is it encased like the Zoom Fly with Lunarlon, or is it stand alon React
Sherwin Carl Asuelo: I just did a little research about this product.
Sherwin Carl Asuelo: It appears that it no longer has the Lunarlon cushioning since it is already a stand alone Nike React sole.
Sherwin Carl Asuelo: That sole itself is already soft and comfortable. Almost the same with the Lunarlon cushioning, but they are naturally from the whole sole.
Sherwin Carl Asuelo: So basically, it is a combination of the Nike Epic React and the Nike Zoom Vaporfly.
Sherwin Carl Asuelo: It’s like Nike is really close to making the perfect running shoes!
james: hmm
james: so its not encased? that is what is hard to tell
james: I have both pairs, trying to make sure I have all the right info on the product
james: lunarlon is usually encased in a harder foam, which is why i was under the impression that it was replacing the lunarlon, but not the encasing
Sherwin Carl Asuelo: Yes but the Epic React Foam are made to be softer than the Lunarlon.
Sherwin Carl Asuelo: I’ve confirmed here that the this is a stand alone sole.