Off White Air Max 90 Michael Jackson Thriller Custom by Vick Almighty - Off-White Air Max 90 Michael Jackson Thriller Custom by Vick Almighty

The Off-White train continues with this Off-White Air Max 90 custom by the man Vick Almighty. Vick took inspiration for this custom from the GOAT, Michael Jackson, and arguably the greatest music video all time, Thriller. Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the highest selling album of all time. The video for the title track, Thriller, is iconic in so many ways. Chances are when you hear MJ, what pops into your head is that red jacket and historic dance. It is that black and red leather jacket that served as the main inspiration for this custom. Applying elements from the jacket Vick painted the upper of the Air Max 90 red and the toebox and areas black. Then Vick applied text for the video credits in Off-White signature style to the inside of the shoes. The shoes were topped off with a Thriller logo on the heal and Thriller, Off-White laces. To protect this work Vick sprayed the shoes with Reshoevn8r’s Water+Stain Repellent so his masterpiece won’t get damaged. The Water+Stain Repellent and so much more can be found at Remember to use the promo code below to save some bucks on your next order. Also, let us know in the comment section what you thought about this custom and if we should do more music inspired customs.

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