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The TRUTH About Nike Cancelling MY Off White x Jordan Order On SNKRS App

It started out a pretty good day:

I tweeted this out as soon as I saw there was a UNC Off White x Jordan 1Release that released around 10:40am PST on May 23rd 2018.

I received the “GOT EM” screen and I was stoked!! I haven’t been able to cop anything for so long, that this was refreshing to finally get that W.
THEN the orders start getting cancelled hours later, including mine. 2 reasons why this can happen 1- if Nike oversells 2- if they flag your account as a bot.

I contacted Nike Support via chat, they said they would escalated the issue and someone would get back to me 3-5 days later. WHAT!
They didn’t give any indication of WHY.

The next day, Nike had a random release of the same shoe to select accounts and many others came out successful.
So my order they couldn’t fill, but they can sell more before settling my issue?
More salt in the wound – My account that had the cancellation ALSO was selected for early access the next day, but I couldn’t fill the order since it said I already bought the item!! Them the early release sold out.
So I call support. Support says, you were flagged as a bot, so your order was cancelled, sorry.

I really do apologize about this. As of the moment, we can only suggest visiting our official launch page for updates: In addition to this, Most high-heat launches are conducted via Nike SNKRS.

A BOT?! dude, I used your SNKRS app to buy the shoes. I wasn’t the only one either, lots of others got flagged falsely as well, many with only 1 SNKRS account.

I am given excuse after excuse, I ask to escalate to a manager and they tell me managers aren’t taking calls on this item. I tell them this is BS, I didn’t cheat, im a long time buyer (as if they care) and that I never hit on items, then the 1 time I do im called a cheater, its not right.
They said, actually sir, a supervisor just became available, he wants to talk to you now…

He said he just got off the phone with Corporate about this issue, said the SNKRS all is going thru updates to stop bots, and unfortunately some accounts like mine was impacted and falsely flagged.

FINALLY, validation.

He said sorry and he feels my pain, and said he the shoes will be releasing again on the 30th so I can try again, I asked if they could fill my order before they sell out. He said he will contact the warehouse to try and find the product for me, and email me if he can. No word back after that.

So here is the problem with SNKRS

1- If they can falsely flag accounts as bots, they there is no guarantee even if you “Got Em” or get a confirmation # that you will actually get the shoes.

2- Does this mean my account is screwed and I can’t buy anything in the future either? The rep at one point recommended I create a new SNKRS account… SERIOUSLY.

3- If this lotto approach is supposed to help create a fair opportunity from bots, but they have bugs like this, shouldn’t they focus on helping those that were screwed over? Like it’s one thing if they oversold, its another if they are calling you a cheater, huge slap in the face. All of the outreach has been from me, and every interaction with support ends with, check back on SNRKS, we don’t have any info or can’t help.

So the big question for you guys, have you had issues with the app before? (not to mention how crazy buggy it can be) cancelled orders before? Given “early access” to something only to see its sold out? What do you think about the SNKRS app and what is your experience.

While I like that Nike is trying to combat bots, I think they really need to step up customer services when things like this happen. I should be given access to the next limited release at the very least if they cancel your order for any reason.

It makes trying to buy sneakers not worth the headache knowing they don’t care about the customer, even more so that we assumed they didn’t care.