Top 10 Best Selling Shoes Of 2018

Top 10 Best Selling Shoes Of 2018 - Top 10 Best Selling Shoes Of 2018

Top 10 list of the best selling shoes of the year 2018. These are all shoes that goes out of stock fast! Adidas shoes, very popular shoes or Michael Jordan signature basketball shoes are here. Bestselling Nike shoes, Air Jordans and Adidas Shoes!

Sorry for not uploading videos for a whole week or so. I have been busy with finals but since I am done with school for now, I am back to making more videos! In this video, I will be showing you guys the top 10 best selling shoes of this year so far. These are shoes that you would have to generally have to camp out in order to get a pair or are just shoes that are widely produced but a lot of people are still buying because they are that great. These are shoes that everyone wants and that gets sold out. Unlike like last year, when I got a list from a shoe store and consignment shop at New York named Stadium Goods. This year I got a list from the NPD Group who are experts in analysis sales in clothes for sports.The president of the company made a list of their best selling shoes, and this list is based on it so it is pretty accurate. Anyways, shoes like Adidas NMD or Adidas Yeezy Boost are very popular but these shoes are even more popular this year. If you have any request for a top 10 video, please write it down in the comments below with the keywords, “top 10,” in it. Cao!

Top 10 Best Selling Shoes Of 2018:
10. Air Jordan 4
9. Air Jordan 11
8. Adidas Tubular Shadow
7. Air Jordan 13
6. Air Jordan 6
5. Nike Revolution 3
4. Adidas Superstar
3. Nike Air Huarache
2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low
1. Nike Tanjun