Top 10 Nike Air Max 97 Shoes of 2018 - Top 10 Nike Air Max 97 Shoes of 2018

Top 10 list of the best Nike Air Max 97 shoes of this year! These are better than any Nike Air Max 90, Air Max 1 or Air Vapormax. The best and most popular Nike lifestyle shoes and retro running shoes of 2018. Shoes of Cristiano Ronaldo is here too!

Hello and welcome back to another one of my videos. Now I know its summer and I have not been uploading a lot but I am still glad if you guys are able to still watch my videos. Anyways, in this video I wanted to make a list of the top 10 Nike Air Max 97 of 2018. This is not a list of the top 10 Nike Air max 1 or Top 10 Nike Air Max 90 or Top 10 Nike Air Max but I still feel like you guys will still enjoy this list because this shoes is very popular and great enough for supreme and off white collaboration. There is even shoes of a famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo in the list. This may be the best Nike lifestyle or retro running shoes of this year. This shoe is not as popular as the Nike Air Huarache or Adidas Yeezy Boost or its not my usual top 10 list of Nike basketball shoes of Kyrie Irving or Lebron James but I hope you all will enjoy this video. If you have any request for a top 10 video, then please do feel free to put it in the comments below. But please make sure to put in the keywords, “top 10”, in it. Now enjoy!

Top 10 Nike Air Max 97 Shoes of 2018:
10. Nike Air max 97 Rainbow
9. Nike Air Max 97 South Beach
8. Nike Air max 97 Barely Rose
7. Nike Air Max 97 Ultra Grape
6. Nike Air Max 97 CR7 Portugal Patchwork
5. Nike Air Max 97 Metallic Gold
4. Nike Air Max 97 Red Crush
3. Nike Air Max 97 Pull Tab Obsidian White
2. Nike Air Max 97 Blue Nebula
1. Nike Air Max 97 Wheat Gold