Top 5 FAILED Sneaker Technologies Part 2 - Top 5 FAILED Sneaker Technologies Part 2!!

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Top 5 Failed Sneaker Technologies Part 2
After the unplanned success of the first video on 5 Failed Sneaker Technologies, I made a follow up video with more suggestions from you guys. FYI I also didn’t know reebok Zigtech was so coveted by yall in middle school! In this video I will discuss 5 more failed sneaker technologies.

#5 British Knights Dymacel
Year – 1991
British Knights introduced Dymacel, their first technology shoe in 1991. The technology consisted of diamond-shaped green silicon cushioning embedded within a sole window. This was to effectively absorb shock by dispersing vertical impact energy into a horizontal plane while maximizing energy return. Dymacel maintains its memory after repeated compression.
Fun fact – MC Hammer signed an endorsement deal with BK in 1990, also these were know as BKs = Blood Killers by crips, not a good look by the brand.

#4 Adidas MegaBounce 2008
New, improved MegaBounce heel cushions even better, turning every impact into forward momentum
Molded EVA insole for anatomical comfort
adiPRENE+ insert for forefoot propulsion and efficiency
Bounce technology provides optimized energy return and step-in comfort

#3 Converse — Helium Technology
Sneaker Shown: Converse All Star He:01
Year: 1999
Why would Nike ever use Air? It’s so heavy, right? Well, that’s the idea Converse attempted to build on when it introduced its Helium cushioning, which not only boasted superior comfort but also a lighter overall shoe due to the inert gas’ lower atomic weight. Though Helium may be the second lightest periodic element, sales and the He:01 proved that Nike Air plays second fiddle to no one.
Converse was purchased by Nike in 2003

#2 – LA Gear Catapult
Released in 1991
The LA Gear equivalent of Air Jordans, a high-end basketball shoe and training shoe line. The original spokesman for the line was Karl Malone. This featured a supportive high cut and a Power feedback system, similar to Nike Air.
Reference Images and discuss Technology
Fun Fact the Creator Mark Goldston also created Reebok Pump, LA Gear Lights, and Hexalite, his son founded APL – the sneaker banned by the NBA that was similar to the Catapult

SELECT Vintage: Karl Malone’s LA Gear Catapult

#1 – Sketchers shapeups
April 2009 $100 a pair
Paid out $40 Million to settle “toning Shoes” lawsuit claiming to deceive consumers.
A Shape-ups ad telling consumers to “Shape Up While You Walk,” and “Get in Shape without Setting Foot in a Gym,” and claiming that the shoes are designed to promote weight loss and tone muscles. The FTC alleges that Skechers made unsupported claims that Shape-ups would provide more weight loss, and more muscle toning and strengthening than regular fitness shoes.
Shape-ups ads featuring celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Brooke Burke. Airing during the 2011 Super Bowl, the Kardashian ad showed her dumping her personal trainer for a pair of Shape-ups. The Burke ad told consumers that the newest way to burn calories and tone and strengthen muscles was to tie their Shape-ups shoe laces.

Runner Ups:
Adidas Has had many failures through the years: Megabounce, springblade, adidas HUG, Porsche
K Swiss tubes
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