Top 5 SNEAKER Brands You FORGOT Part 2!!

Top 5 SNEAKER Brands You FORGOT Part 2 - Top 5 SNEAKER Brands You FORGOT Part 2!!

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Top 5 Forgotten Sneaker Brands Part 2!
#5 Troop
Born in the Bronx during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, World Of Troop launched in 1985 and instantly made their mark on the history of urban fashion. and was targeted towards Latino and African – American urban culture and founded by 2 jewish brothers and a Korean.
Troop jacket and Troop sneaker releases. LL Cool J, MC Hammer, Ultramagnetic MCs, Stetsasonic, Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Flava Flav, all rocked with TROOP
Troop went Bankrupt soon after rumors spread that the company was actually owned by the KKK (TeddyHeld). Troop was rumored to stand for – To Rule Over Oppressed People.
But the owner said TROOP stood for – Total Respect Of Oppressed People
Rumors said there were hidden messages under the soles and lining.
LL Cool J went on Oprah and urged viewers to protest the company, even tore his jacket up. The rumors were false, but sales were ruined in the US which made about 80 million in total. In the 90s however Troop was still around in Europe.
Nelly actually obtained the TROOP apparel license in 2014.
And in 2015 they had a relaunch of retro tees, jackets and footwear.
#4 DC
This company was founded in 1994 by Damon Way and Ken Block and based in sunny California. DC stood for “Droors Clothing” and DC no longer has ties to Droors, so its just DC Shoes. DC is identified as a skateboarding and action sports sneaker brand and featured skate teams and many sponsored athletes Danny Way and Colin McKay
Included in that was Rob Dyrdrek until 2016 from the Rob and Big show He produced 29 signature sneakers since 1995..
At the root, DC made a great performance skate shoe, Incorporating progressive technologies like SUPER SUEDE™, IMPACT-I™, and SUPER RUBBER™. And DC also made its way onto the feet of some lifestyle sneakers at its peak.
In 2009 DC was bought out by Quicksilver for 87 million.

Boardriders: Quiksilver Inc. has a new name, sees post-bankruptcy growth

#3 Pony
Founded in 1972 by Roberto Mueller, Pony was a Product of New York, as it proudly states.
In the mid 1980s Pony had champion caliber athletes in many different sports and had a sales volume of $800 million!
Some of the athletes that wore Pony: Muhammad Ali, Bob Mcaddo, Reggie Jackson, Lawrence Taylor.
Spud Webb rocked Pony City Wings in the 1986 NBA dunk contest, which he won. The City Wings was heavily influenced by the AJ1
The brand was sold to a LA firm in 2001 and they relaunched the brand.
Had celebrity endorsements by Justin Timberlake, korn, and Paris Hilton in 2003
In 2004 Snoop dogg had a collab with Pony

The History Of PONY

#2 KSwiss
Founded in 1966 in LA Cali by 2 swiss brother Art and Ernie Brunner. What does K Swiss mean? Rumored to stand for Kalifornia, slang for Cali n the 60s.. “I wear my K Swiss” was the motto that ran for 5 years. And in 2005, global sales passed $500 Million
In 2007 Anna Kournikova was featured in the shoes to help rebrand to a modern female audience.
In 2011 Kenny Powers was reported to have bought 51% of KSwiss Stock…. He isn’t real.. tho, it was an epic show tho (East Bound and Down)!

A brief history of K-Swiss… a definitive court classic

#1 British Knights
BK was launched in 1983 as a casual sneaker company, which exploded in 1985. Was recognized more for fashion that performance originally. “The shoe aint nothing without a BK Button”
1990 they signed MC Hammer the biggest star in music at the time, BK sponsored his tours and a lot of mainstream attention was brought to BK.
In 1991 the Dymacel technology was introduced for sports and they had Derrick Coleman of the Nets (#1 Draft pick in 1990 and Rookie of the yr in 1991) Dymacel had moderate success
BK got a bad rap since it had heavy gang affiliation due to BK misrepresented as “Blood Killer”, and rival gang of the Crips. Schools and universities banned the shoes to help stop gang violence.
In 2014 the company relaunched and tried to like a spark with a new generation of consumers, but as we know, competition is rough now a days, and we haven’t seen much movement from the brand.

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