Top 5 SNEAKER Brands You FORGOT!

Top 5 SNEAKER Brands You FORGOT - Top 5 SNEAKER Brands You FORGOT!

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Top 5 Forgotten Sneaker Brands!

5 – KangaRoos
In 1979, American architect and running enthusiast Robert ‘Bob’ Gamm, He developed a pair of training shoes with a small zippered pocket big enough to hold a locker key and a few coins whilst he ran.

A top 5 Performance brand in the 1980s in the US
In the 1990s, expanded to WWF, motor racing, tennis, aerobics, and in 1992 Barcelona the US Running team all rocked KangaROOS

KangaROOS “A Pocket Full of History”

4 – LUGZ
Created in 1993, it first started with Boots, picture a quilted vest and jeans.
As seen in the Source Magazine (THUMBS up if you remember the Source!
1994 Erick Sermon says Wear Your Lugs – first endorser followed by Lou Stars
Fu Schnicken, def squad, Deangelo, Kid Capri, even Snoop Dogg
1996 The Carbine athletic shoe was created.
Most recently reminded that Bird Man had a Lugz collab, which he bought a house from (Funk Flex also had one),
Released in 2004 for $70
In 2008 lugz also ented the MMA scene w most norable Rampage Jackson and Cain Velasquez the 2013 Heavyweight Reigning Champ

As hiphop morphed and thugged out looks exited, skinny jeans and high fashion crossovers made it to the mainstream, the brand died down


3- PF Flyers

Born in 1933 by BF Goodrich, yep the tire company!

PF stands or Posture Foundation and in the 1960s they sold 25 million pairs a year!

The iconic models look very familiar to the Converse All Stars

They also had the 1st sneaker collab with an athelete, Bob Cousey of the Celtics.

Featured in the Sandlot movie in 1993

B.F. Goodrich sold PF Flyers to Converse in the early 1970s but the U.S. government forced Converse to sell the brand in a 1972 antitrust settlement.

Converse sold PF Flyers to P.F. Industries Inc, then went to Brooksfield Athletic shoe co, LJ) Inc in 1991

In 2001 – New Balance bought PF Flyers

In 2015 they launched a Made in the USA campaign, and PF Flyers are still created today, but they haven’t really broke into the sneaker culture and back into the mainstream light.

The Rise and Fall and Rise Of PF Flyers
2 – Keds (pro Keds)

Founded in 1916, owned by Wolverine World Wide (Who also owns Saucony)

They actually wanted to be called PEDS (Latin for feet) but it was trademarked already.

Because of the soft rubber sole, they were known as sneakers for “sneaking around silently”

Pro-keds were introduced in 1949 intended to compete with Converse, endorsed by George Lehmann ho once shot 200 baskets without missing, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Pete Maravich

Minneapolis Lakers had the whole team in Pro Keds, they won 5 championships

The original Uptowns (69rs), almost 20 yrs before AF1s.

Had a strong influence on old school hiphop: Kool Herc, Africa Bambaataa, Melly mel era.

KRS-One said they were the greatest

Was featured on the GETDOWN on Netflix
Even Dame Dash had a collab with them

1 – LA Gear

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Founded in 1979 by Robert Greenberg

Endorsed by Kareem adbul Jabbar, who was signed to Adidas at the time, Karl Malone, Hakeem, 49r Joe Montana, even Wayne Gretzky of the LA Kings
Karl the Mailman Malone… He delivers… in the Catapult
LA Gear explored outside of athletes, signed Belinda Carlisle, Michael Jackson, and Paula Abdul… Straight up stolen from Reebok and had 1 of the biggest sellers in the early 90s.
In 1990 they were the 3rd largest sneaker retailer behind Nike / Reebok.
LA Gear also had a pump sneaker I the 90s, the Regulator
LA Lights was one of the most successful lines introduced in 1992. over 100 million total pairs sold, retailed for $50
In 1995 they sold LA Gear at Walmart
In 1998 they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Try tried to come back in 1999, 2003, and 2008.
Tyga had a liquid gold LA Lights release in 2015, but the endorsements aren’t helping as they used to and haven’t seen any movement from the brand.