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With the Element React Coming soon, Off White Prestos & a new JTH AJ3 releasing, and Many other gems in 2018, there are still some releases that we keep looking back on and having an empty feeling inside and completely feel like we missed out. With Salt levels at an all time high, here are 5 sneakers that we missed out on in 2018 so far.

I asked you guys on Social / Twiiter / Instagram which sneaker you were the most salty missing out on (follow me if you dont @heskicks) Here are your answers! That said we probably missed some sneakers that you still feel salty about, so leave a comment on what we missed! if you like that comment then drop a like on it.

Before the 5, here are some Runners ups:
Bred Toe Jordan 1s
BAPE Lillard 4s
PlayStation PG
adidas NBH NMD

#5 adidas Futurecraft 4D
While the hype has died down, a voice in my head reminds me that I really wanted a pair of these futurecraft sneakers. They look so similar to the ultra boost but boast that new Futurecraft midsole. We havent head much from adidas with this new model, and it seems like the retail price point is so high that it turns some consumers away, but I still have a pair of these on my bucket list.

#4 Levi AJ4 with the first images of the distressed denim Levi x Jordan going viral, the demand went way up on the first colorway of the Levi 4s, One of my favorites has to be Jens Purple AJ4 though on the white pair, I really wanted a pair to customize myself so i am salty i missed out for sure.

#3 Travis Scott AJ4 Cactus Jack
These had the celebrity endorsment by many pre-release, and the event it Houston with TS looked too dope, but the colorway and presentation on this AJ4 collab has people still wanting the antedote to their sneaker cravings… pun fail. lol.
Maybe to some, this just reminds them of the Encore Eminem 4s, and might be the next best thing, but no matter how you look at it, many are still salty on the L.
Who is Cactus Jack anyway? its Travis’s record label for those wondering (like for the details?)

#2 SW AM1/97 Arguably one of the best sneakers of the year, the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1 /97 has people craving those pastel sneakers complete with courdorouy detailing inspired off vintage hats. SW won the air Max design contest and was able to produce a sneaker that many people want and are still angry they didnt cop. Even after a sizeable restock, sneaker closets far and wide are missing these, with samples of potential future SW projects, maybe nike will release another collab with the Round 2 owner.

We made it to the #1 spot! if you enjoyed the video please smack the like button, maybe we can get 1021 likes!

#1 Off White UNC. You already know my salt levels were at an all time high on these as I did a rant video explaining why my Ls were so painful. The release was messy to say the least, and with rumors of more restocks it seems Nike never did re-release them, so will it happen? who knows? we do know the resale prices are starting to climb again and we can guess that those that missed out are still feeling extra salty. with the random release time and date, we had a flashback to the Red October Yeezy 2s by nike that dropped on a random Sunday am, and so many people that were into the sneaker scene copped, however just like those Yeezys, for every 5 pp you knwo that scored a pair there are 10000 that didnt… I just made up that math… no real metric at all.

But that is the list! what did we get right / wrong? and leave a comment, what is the next L you are going to take on a sneaker release? That is this week’s top 5 video, subscribe for more sneaker content I post videos almost every day!