Which NIKE REACT Should You Buy Odyssey vs Epic vs Vapor Street Comparison - Which NIKE REACT Should You Buy? Odyssey vs Epic vs Vapor Street Comparison!

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Nike React: Which model should you buy?

Nike Odyssey React vs Nike Epic React vs Nike React Vapor Street Comparison Review

A lot of you are wondering if the new Nike Odyssey react is worth buying compared to the Nike Epic React or Vapor Street, here are my thoughts in this video

I will be taking a casual look at the Nike Odyssey React and compare it to the Epic React Flyknit and Vapor React Street Flyknit, some have tried the Ultra Boost and NMD and notice the boost isn’t really equal, so will the knock down version on React have the same issue? I would say no.

So far I have worn my Odyssey React about 1-2 weeks, and I have to say I am impressed with the shoe. Right off the bat to answer the question, YES it is worth trying, and YES you can feel the react as much as in the Epic React.

There are a couple primary differences between the 3 shoes, lets take a look:

Mesh vs Flyknit
Neoprene tongue vs flyknit tongue, all are attached however.
Both fit snug but I believe you can go TTS or .5 up.
Vapor Street has a treated flyknit that I like the best.

Both feel really good on feet!
React feels thicker on the Odyssey
React midsole is longer on the Epic
React is narrower on the Epic
Vapor Street has a ton of React, like so much! But it is also VERY narrow, and feels unstable IMO.

More traction added to the Odyssey
Large wear areas on the Epic
Odyssey cushion does NOT feel muted even with more rubber on the outsole!
Still don’t love the T Traction on the Odyssey, should have been solid IMO.
Vapor Street is best option with sole coverage IMO.

Pros: Odyssey React
Amazing value for $120, Better traction that Epic React, and just react is felt just as much as the Epic. Most bang for the buck in a new Nike shoe IMO. LIGHT!
Cons: Odyssey React
The attached tongue I don’t love, altho it is functional and keeps your feet snug in place. No Flyknit may be a con for those that love it, but for me, no flyknit, no problem.
The overall style is just average, nothing groundbreaking.
Pros: Epic React
Great all around shoe, $150 is decent price, great fit if you like a snug ride. Amazing cushion. LIGHT!
Cons: Epic React
Sole is visibly worn down quickly, may fit too snug for some, traction is lacking, especially in rain.
Pros: React Vapor Street
Flyknit is different, and I like it. Style, although hit or miss I dig it. love the Vaporfly Elite style of the shoe. React is insane on these! Most felt on any model, traction is great also. Casual target market a plus. LIGHT
Cons: React Vapor Street
Confusing that these don’t have Zoom X, price point is $180, the most of the 3, shoe is very narrow, feels unstable. Unusually long due to the protruding heel horn.
So in summary which should you buy? That depends on what you want out of the shoes, what your budget is, and what style you like! All are great options and have really good comfort on feet. They are all LIGHT and breathable. 2/3 are for performance as the vapor street is geared toward casual, but all can be work casually. Odyssey offers the most bang for the buck no question, but if you like to try new things and really want a unique look, the $180 Vapor Street is a fun option.
The best all around show for style, comfort and performance would be the Epic React IMO.
But what do you guys think? What did I get right, wrong? Leave a comment!

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