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Why you should buy the new Puma HYBRID ROCKET! This video is sponsored by Puma, thanks for the opportunity!

What do you get when you mix Puma’s NRGY cushioning with Ignite Foam?
Lets take a look at the all new Puma Hybrid Rocket

Releasing July 12th at retailers like Puma, Hibbett Sports and Finishline, the new cushioning technology is something you need to try and here are some reasons why!

Cushioning Technology
Puma has been making waves with their dad shoe vibes so far in 2018, but they are showing us that they continue to innovate as well.

The new technology is a blend of Puma NRGY beads and Ignite foam for a blend of comfort. Soon as you try them on you notice the heel cushioning. As someone who has owned both the NRGY and the IGNITE tech, this is the best of both worlds, the NRGY was a bit too firm for me, and with the bed of Ignite, it makes for a very comfortable cushion but with the added benefits of NRGY responsiveness.

Fun Fact – Puma actually initiated “boost” before the 3 stripes and partnered with BASF first, so for those wanting to compare to boost, yep, the concept was the same starting with Thermoplastic Polyurethane pellets.

Not only does the cushioning feel right in all the ways it should, the shoe overall is very well balanced. You dont have a sensation of too much cushion for an unstable feel on feet. The lockdown can be loose enough to slip on your feet quickly but also easy to tighten up for working out or running. The structure of the Evoknit upper is breathable but not flimsy. Enough tread on the sole to have durability, yet not too much to weigh the shoe down unnecessarily. Balance and Summitry is something that is not easy to achieve but it shows that Puma put some thought into the overall product and not just into showcasing the new technology and skimping out on the other parts of the sneaker.

The sneaker has a very stylish and modern sneaker design that has the versatility of a running sneaker but can be consumed by lifestyle as well. The lacing system is very unique as well adding a stylistic yet functional element.
A segmented midsole also adds to the visual on the sneakers giving them a complex yet pleasing appeal. Also the colorways releasing are nice imo, my fav is the Black / Red pair

So my final thoughts and if the Puma hybrid Rocket is worth buying or not? I say that these offer a lot of bang for the buck. competitively priced at $120 you get a stylish, versatile sneaker with the added benefit of a comfortable new technology. Well done Puma! the new Hybrid Rocket has earned its way into my sneaker rotation! If interested, link in Bio to purchase after July 12th 2018.

The HYBRID Rocket has been in the making for several years now, with the team working to develop the biggest running technology to date. After months of teases and exclusive events around the globe, PUMA has finally lifted the lid on the new shoe, giving life to the HYBRID Rocket Runner. During your run, the Ignite Foam reacts immediately upon impact, providing the first level of energy return. The NRGY beads then come into play by providing cushioning, giving back to the Ignite Foam, absorbing energy, and creating an additional rebound effect as you lift off your stride. The technologies create HYBRID, a new and revolutionary sole. The silhouette also offers a bit of flair in its design, sporting a sleek, fashion-forward design with vibrant colors.

Product Details
Retail for $120 US
The all new Hybrid Rocket is a game changer for everyday cushioned running shoes.

Energy: Ignite Foam provides high energy return so you can power through your run
Cushioning: NRGY beads offer superior cushioning from heal to toe
Fit: EvoKNIT upper provides an instant comfort, sock-like feel.
Item Number: 13-191592


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