Yeezy 500 Blush Cleaning Suede Care Tips - Yeezy 500 "Blush" Cleaning + Suede Care Tips

The shoe you have all been asking for! “How do you clean Yeezy 500 Blush’s?” With all its variety of materials, it is no wonder that it has been a stumper for most. In this video Daniel shows us how he cleans these Yeezy 500s and also shares some good tricks on how to clean suede and delicate materials, quickly and effectively. Adidas released the Yeezy 500 Blush’s in April of this year, in normal limited quantity fashion. The shoe quickly was hyped up due to its legendary brand identity and unique style. This unique style includes an upper consisting of suede and soft leather/nubuck materials. To begin, Daniel dry brushed the sneaker with an All Purpose Brush going in one direction. This accomplished getting the loose dirt off of the shoe, without having to add water to the sneaker yet. Then, continuing the dry method Daniel used the Suede/ Nubuck Eraser on the entire upper, this enabled him to remove a large portion of the dirt again without having to wet the shoe. Finally, to continue getting off the more stubborn dirt on the uppers and tackling the midsoles and soles, Daniel utilized the 4 oz 3 Brush Kit and cleaned the entire shoe. The last step was to Brass Brush the suede to return it to its soft texture. Were you lucky enough to cop a pair of Yeezy 500s? Let us know in the comments down below and remember you can shop all the products we used in the video at
Reshoevn8r products used in this video:
• 4oz-3 Brush Kit:
• Collapsible Cleaning Bowl:
• Adjustable Shoe Trees:
• Micro Fiber Towel:
• Brass Bristle Brush:
• Suede Eraser:
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